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People don’t call me in to be entertaining or to tell jokes…people call me for one reason…to get results!  Millions of people are fed-up with living unfulfilled.  Some people want more than actions, they demand results.  The time for achieving those results is Now!!


The 5 Step Success Process for Discovering, Developing and Achieving your Greatest Life.

Available in Seminar and Full Personal Coaching formats ONLY:

Whether you have no clue for what your purpose in life is or you know your purpose but lack the processes for making it a reality…You Power will assist you in developing the mindset and skills needed to make your greatest life a reality.

You Power is the premiere seminar for those who seek self development, empowerment, and/or goal fulfillment.  Developed and structured from the actual rehabilitation journey of Coach Jae; You Power immerses you into a 5-Step Success Process that will assist you with moving from where you are to where you desire to be.  

Do you have dreams but has your life been one wrong decision after another, Are you aimlessly sitting complacent watching life pass you by?  You Power is the empowerment process seminar that can help make your dreams real and your greatest life a reality.


Mental Weapons for dealing with Social Conflict

Available in Breakout, Workshop and Seminar formats:

Lets face it…Bullying happens!  This may be a news flash to some people but bullying isn’t going anywhere.  As long as this earth has people, there will always be the bullying of someone, somewhere on this planet.
Bullying, in most cases occurs in: elementary, middle and high schools, on college campuses, within our neighborhoods, residences and even in the work place.  The newest epidemic is Cyber-Bullying (Bullying that occurs on the internet). 
So we're now faced with a choice, do we ignore bullying or attack it head on?  Do we give bullying the first punch or do we strike first?  BullyProof101 strikes first and strikes hard.  While bodies may heal, the mind never does, so BullyProof 101's main objective is to empower students with the mental strategies and tactics to both preemptive strike and counterstrike bullying,  Will this program stop society from bullying? No it will not.  However, Bullyproof101 will potentially diminish or even reduce the long term and/or lasting mental effects of bullying on those who come in contact with social conflict.




The RAW truth about Incarceration and 4 strategies for prevention!  

Available in Workshop and Seminar formats Only:

This isn't another SCARED STRAIGHT program,  this is STRAIGHT TALK!!  The Brutal , In-Your-Face truth about prison life and four strategies that can prevent you from being incarcerated!
Are you headed to prison and don’t realize it?  The Prison Process is the prison intervention program that will accomplish two things: 
1. Give insight to those who desire to make prison decisions and inform them of the life they can expect once incarcerated. 
2. Give strategies to those who desire not to make 'Prison Inmate' part of their resume with The Prison Process.


The New Education for how you Create, Consume and Distribute Wealth!

Available in Workshop format Only:

Attending MeConomics 101,you will never see your money and the resources you use for acquiring wealth the same. The names will not be changed to protect the guilty!
Whether you are making a financial comeback or striving to start your financial empowerment journey without stumbles, you don't what to touch money until you have been schooled in MeConomics 101!


Other Programs include:

Dress Your Dreams™
- The A.S.A.P Process for Dream Success

Personal Branding for those who are Serious about Goal Accomplishment
*Available in Breakout, Workshop, and Seminar formats

Success is a Verb™
- Success isn't something you say, it's something you DO!

What is Success, Why you're not successful, and how to become
a 'High Altitude' Achiever'
*Available in Keynote and Breakout formats

Tomorrow Starts Today!™
-The 5 Revelations that Changed my life that will empower yours

*Available in Keynote and Breakout formats

No More Excuses!!!

A quote from an IAMLIFESKILLS client describes this session perfectly,
“This was the verbal kick in the pants I needed to jump start my Goals!”

*Available in Keynote and Breakout formats

* For ALL Programs*

Adjustment of format time and session agendas may be possible to fulfill specialized requirements.


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