The Mission :

IAMLIFESKILLS Life Coaching and Mentoring
was founded to achieve one mission:

To coach people past their Nightmares of yesterday so they can create their DREAMS for tomorrow.

IAMLIFESKILLS Life Coaching and Mentoring is for people with personal ambitions yet lack the self esteem and/or proper strategy to make them a reality.
Structured from his own testimony of Destructive Choice Recovery, Coach Jae successfully assists people with moving beyond their problems in life to achieving solutions for goal accomplishment.

Why does IAMLIFESKILLS work so well?

Easy....I'm not just a coach....I am the very first client! I coach and use strategies that get results! The same tools I used to renew and empower my life are the same tools I coach people with all around the world. As I always say, I don't have 'THE" answer but I have "AN" answer. This answer, for achieving your greatest life....WORKS!
So, if you are struggling with overcoming the consequences of an unwise decision or you want assistance with remaining 'mistake' free while effectively achieving your goals; I'm here as your source for support, inspiration, and direction for the journey called YOUR GREATEST LIFE.

The Founder and Coach:

Jerald Lewis (Coach Jae) is the founder and head coach of IAMLIFESKILLS Life Coaching and Mentoring. Blessed with a passion and a gift for helping people who don't believe in themselves; Coach Jae helps people destroy the personal barriers that prevent goal development and achievement. Among coaches and speakers, he stands out as one of the premiere recovery coaches by infusing his experienced-based success strategies with today's most prominent Internet social sites.
Coach Jae has revolutionized the "personal" in personal success strategy by providing group seminars, 1-on-1 coaching, and Cyber Coaching - the process of motivating and inspiring people around the world with interaction via social media sites. He inspires and instructs from his own experiences, while connecting and coaching with captivating stories, props, and revelations.

Most importantly, Jerald is a devoted husband, father, brother and son who truly delivers hope and healing with his compassion for helping people to achieve their greatest life.
I truly feel u saved my life coach! Thank U for your reply and Thank U For caring!

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