FaceTime w/ Coach Jae

Q: How can we utilize your message (Where do you speak?)

  • Social Re-Entry Coach (Correctional Pre-release / Halfway House)
  • Keynote Speaker (Alternative schools, Recovery Treatment centers, Shelters)
  • Commencement Speaker (Boot camps, Alternative Schools)
  • Break-out session Facilitator (Youth/young adults camps , Lock-ins)
  • Empowerment Seminar Facilitator (Academic Probation, Group homes)
  • Short-term / Long-Term Life Mentor (Homeless shelters / Mission centers)
  • Round-table discussions Panelist (Prison/Bullying Intervention, Job Readiness)

My life's calling and my gift for coaching personal success are ideally suited for the mind that is doubtful and/or discouraged. Whether corporate, scholastic or incarcerated, where there is doubt in someone's mind about what they can accomplish, there is a need for Coach Jae!  I passionately prepare for every engagement with the purpose of being a catalyst for change in a person's life.   

Q:What type of crime did you get indicted / go to prison for?

A: I was indicted on one count embezzlement, two counts money laundering, one count theft of federal merchandise. Sentenced to 13 months _no 5k1 / Rule 35!!! 

Q: What drives you? What gives you purpose in life?

A:  That's easy!
1. I truly have a passion for assisting people who doubt their own abilities to live their greatest life.  Until doubtful minds are eradicated (likely never)..I will never stop.
2. Matthew 25:34-40.
3. To see my son, walk a different path than his father.

Q: Your Mission "....People who don't believe it's possible" Who are these people?

A: All People!  Every person, at some stage in their life, is going to feel that the next step, that next opportunity, that next accomplishment isn't possible.  The question isn't will you ever doubt yourself?  The REAL question is what will you do when it happens?  I don't care who you are, doubt (the dream killer), is going to attempt to make you believe success ISN'T possible. Some people need help getting through those 'stuck' periods in their life and they call in Coach Jae!

Q: Why did you become a Professional Life Coach?

A: That's an easy answer, I no longer desired to be selfish. Selfish because I had a testimony that illustrated how to pass many of life's tests yet I was watching other people continue to fail repeatedly on the same tests I had learned to ACE. The emotional and spiritual struggles soon became too much to bare as my transformation to begin coaching became blatant.  The more I tried to doubt my calling, the more people would just randomly talk to me about their problems in stores, at work, etc. and my reply that was one part testimony, several parts strategy, would change their lives (as some told me later). 

I was now faced with a choice: 
A) I could help people when I have finished ALL my goals.
B) Coach people with reaching their goals as I simultaneously reach for my own! 

I choose B!  To become Coach Jae A.S.A.P!

Q: What is living your Greatest Life?

 When living your greatest life, work isn't work and the time clock becomes your enemy because punching out arrives too fast.  When living you greatest life, payment for what you do seems irrelevant to the spiritual / emotional gratification you receive. Ultimately, your greatest life is a place of peace and tranquility arrived at by the hard work, determination. and dedication to the fulfillment of your passions.  If you are exhausted at the end of your day yet overly anxious to do it all over again, that is living your Greatest Life!  If you desire to have this feeling, allow me, Coach Jae, to assist you with making it a reality!

Q: I am ready for the 'Coach Jae' experience! How do I book Coach Jae to speak and/or coach?

A: Click here…and fill out the online request form

You made me believe that I CAN MAKE IT!

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