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Images rendered on substrates by Amerasource Sublimation Services of copyright artwork, graphics, drawings, and/or photography remain fully, strictly and exclusively owned by the copyright holder(s) of such produced original artwork, graphics, drawings, and/or photography. Images, graphics, artwork and/or photography rendered and shown on the Amerasource website or publication are not produced nor intended for sale and/or giveaway and are produced for rendering and/or possibility and/or potential uses of the substrates in part or as a whole. Use of such stated artwork, graphics, drawings, and/or artwork on substrates produced by Amerasource Sublimation Services does not imply in some, part and/or whole any formal or informal partnerships with copyright holder and/or brokers of such stated artwork, graphics, drawings, and/or photography and does not implicate Amerasource and/or copyright holders ANY form of royalty (financial currency or favor) due to artwork or substrate usage in.

Copyright Integrity

All works (digital design, photography, or the such in possession of Amerasource Sublimation Services) is hereby protected under rightful ownership of the creator or such rights of ownership. Therefore, Amerasource Sublimation Services will not replicate any works beyond agreed render quantities nor agreed usage.

Confidentiality Agreement

Amerasource Sublimation Services will not use nor advertise any client information, whether past or present, for direct use of obtaining financial gain or perks due to association.

Do you share ANY information with third party companies? We do not share ANY customer information with third party marketers offering products and services either within or outside the sublimation industry. ABSOLUTLY NO SPAM!

Are there any exceptions as it relates to customer information being released?
Yes. With verified permission, we will forward pertinent information to those endorsed providers required to assist with the development and/or completion of products desired by our clients that Amerasource does not provide. In other words, information is forwarded only if our client specifically requests being put in contact with providers of various services/products outside the scope of Amerasource. If we know and trust a provider of the service(s) desired, we will forward your contact information while keeping you informed of all proceedings.


Restriction of Product Liability Policy

To the extent allowed by applicable law, neither Amerasource Sublimation Services, its employees, nor associates, shall be liable for consequential loss, injury or damages arising from the manufacture, reproduction, distribution or use of any products manufactured by the renderings of Amerasource Sublimation Services, delays in order completion, any other failure of performance, or any representation made on behalf of Amerasource Sublimation Services by its clients or associates.

In placing orders, please keep your rendering and/or install deadlines in mind as we are not responsible for back-ordered substrates of choice, needed consumables or shipping timelines.

Restriction of Printing Liability Policy

For all vector art / solid color graphics supplied for printing, the client assumes all responsibility for color accuracy post pressing. If supplied graphics require specific colors to be as accurate as possible, we will gladly assist to assure that your desired colors and their values are specific for sublimation printing and pressing. Amerasource Sublimation Services assumes no responsibility for printed transfer color accuracy when images are supplied, printed, and shipped without client requested proofing or consultation prior to printing*. If you are in need of producing a certain color as accurately as possible, please let us know.

Sublimation inks and the technologies used are like no other imaging format. If your colors print correctly from another printing format (i.e: pigment inkjet, laser, CMYK offset, etc) those results may have 0% to due with the accuracy of your final colors when utilizing sublimation technologies. Again, if in doubt or in question about your colors final outcome post pressing, feel free to express that. We are here to assist in making your final product as ideal as possible. Thank You.

*Additional fees may apply with proofing and consultation.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of custom printed transfers and/or products, we are unable to provide refunds for instances occurring with your order outside of our direct responsibility (imaging and /or assembly). All issues of product failure directly contributed to the craftsmanship or coating of a product are not viable for reimbursement by Amerasource Sublimation Services.

*** All drop-shipped items without contact of owner within 6 months maybe / will be subject to disposal and/or donation***


Amerasource Legal Stuff

As the reproduction of copyrighted works being a direct responsibility of both parties involved (renderer and client), Amerasource Sublimation Services requires copyright license agreements for all artistic work rendered (when applicable). A copyright license agreement (Right to Render Agreement) script can be provided, if needed, for established Amerasource clients.

What is a 'right to render' contract? Better known as a copyright license agreement, a right to render agreement is just that--it gives a vendor the legal right to make a copy, a rendering, and/or sometimes, an adaptation of a copyrighted work or works. It gives one the legal right (permission) to use the license holder's product, i.e., designs, photography, and/or artwork. License agreements are very serious business. If anyone should tell you, the client, that a license agreement and/or permission to render is solely your responsibility; it would be professionally misleading and grounds for judicial infraction by both parties. This responsibility is shared by both client and vendor. Have any questions? Drop us an e-mail


Amerasource Sublimation Services respects the intellectual property of others, and encourages intellectual property rights owners to contact us if they believe that any use of an image to show substrate possibilities has infringed upon their property rights. If you believe that your intellectual property rights have been infringed by Amerasource Sublimation Services, the Website or any use thereof, please provide our Intellectual Property Rights Agent with a notification that contains the following information:
an electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the intellectual property rights that have been allegedly infringed;
2. a description of the copyright, trademark, or other rights that have been allegedly infringed;
3. an URL or product number(s) used in connection with or some other description of where the allegedly infringing material that you claim is infringing is located on the Website (NOTE: simply including as a description is not sufficient to identify the location of the material to which you are objecting);
4. your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address;
5. a statement by you that you have a good-faith belief that the disputed use is not honored by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and
6. a statement by you, made under penalty of perjury, that the above information in your notice is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or authorized to act on the copyright owner's behalf.

If your image is on the internet for public view and download, please list placement and location of non-right of use clause with such image.

The Designated Intellectual Property Rights Agent may be contacted as follows:
Amerasource Sublimation Services
Subject Line: Attn: Copyright Agent